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The foregoing does suggest that the underlying  current of Anushtanaveda is on a higher plane. Yes, Anushtanaveda does attempts to touch the Borderline of Godliness, with the intention of Lighting the "LAMP OF LOVE" in everyones Heart. That is why Anushtanaveda has great relevance to

(i) One who is interested in going to the depth of Holistic Knowledge 
(ii) One who has attained the status of Gnani, wanting to practice it for the good of the society and
(iii) One who is passing through the phase of extreme sorrow in his life, who out of his own suffering is drawn to Anushtanaveda of  "Wiping the Tears of Others".

Another hidden treasure of Anushtanaveda is that it will silently ensure  on an ongoing basis the Soul Searching Endeavour of the Practitioner.   It is an Yagna in the shape of an  Aradhana. It is not un-common that in life there would be situation due to which the "Sense of Guilt" would be paining the person.   Similarly, it is not un-common that the situation may not permit 'Prayaschitha/Punishment' for self.   Anushtanaveda could step in in such cases, as a Soother/Solution, to enable  "Solace through Serving the Society", in the nearest possible compensatory manner.

Anushtanaveda not only enhances Viveka, but alongside plants the seed of Vairagya too. Together they are the 'Path towards Moksha or Salvation', the  'Ultimate Goal under the Chathurvida Purushartha', which has the Universal Acceptability of all Religions and Great Saints & Saviours.

Anushtanaveda is nothing but the "PRACTICE OF THE HUMANITARIANISM" i.e.,  Manavathay,
through putting Theoretical Knowledge into conscious practice.   Hence no scope for any
argument from any quarters.   Hence Anushtanaveda encompasses not only 'Sharing of our
Joy with Others',  but also our' Sharing of Others Sorrow'.


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