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Smt Choodamani Lakshmikantha Memorial Charities, No 1025 10th main West of Chord Road 2nd stage Mahalakshmipuram Bangalore 560086, Ph : 23490052, Mob: 9945150415, Email id:, has been engaged in: Bringing succour to suffering humanity. In the process of sharing its experiences with Mr. T.S. Srivathsaa a good motivator and friend of mine, it was mutually felt that we should enlarge the scope of sharing of knowledge and experiences in the regard for the benefit of the society at large. The result has been

G. Lakshmikantha, B.L., CAIIB

The List of my pride is quite enviable.   I am a son of a school teacher.   I was the First Graduate in our family circle. Also, I was the first triple graduate similarly.   I joined employment when I was 18 years 8 months old.   I have served 3 Great Institutions viz., Kirloskar Electric Co. Ltd.,  Reserve Bank of India and finally Canara Bank.   In all 40 years of work life.   I had reached Senior Executive Level in Canara Bank.   I Retired in the year 2001.   I was leading a contented Life.

Then came in the year 2011 the Turning Point of " True Realisation "of What Life Is.  I experienced the Hallowness of  "Attachment ", the Expectation-based Sufferings etc. A Search for the Solution to the Sufferings and Sorrow lead me to the Dictum  "MOHAATH KSHEEYATHAY MOKSHAHA ", meaning  ' Salvation/Moksha is possible only when you get rid of all SELFISH ATTACHMENTS .    As a Positive Substitute,  I realised that SELFLESS SERVICE TO THE SUFFERING HUMANITY will not only give Peace but also JOY OF GIVING BACK TO THE SOCIETY  what  acquiring  it had enabled.

In simple terms this is nothing but Argumentless Vedantha, viz.  "ANUSHTANAVEDA",  with the underlying principle "SERVE JIVA AS SHIVA", in your own way and within your sacrificial capabilities. This Website is, inter alia, in the nature of  a GNANA YAGNA , spreading the Message of The Great Significance of Anushtana of Good Deeds, however small they may be but done with Great Hearts.   The Fruitfulness of this Site lies in its Success of Motivating people to adopt " CARING, SHARING AND SPREADING HAPPINESS " as their own "ADARSHA/GOAL OF LIFE ", alongside their other Karthavyas.


This project has been cosponsored and propagated and the website developed by Connect Pathway Corp Headed by T.S. Srivathsaa Electronics Engineer, Entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Connect Pathway Corp

Connect Pathway Corp is not a mere organization but a movement. It is an aware and organic entity with its own cherished values and vision. It has energy of young, enthusiasm of inspired, faith of devoted, and vision of vedantic missionary.

Vision: It is driven by the pulsating and inspired vision of 2Ps- 'An India full of Peace and Prosperity'.

Values: Some of the values close to its heart are: Contribution, Creativity, Dignity, Excellence, Fun, , Uniqueness, and Zest in the vedantic way.
Be The God You Are

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