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Veda or Vedantha or Philosophy does not need a man's intervention for its validity, Instead it is the Man who needs philosophy, irrespective of the Religion he practices.

Man knows that he is a mortal being, whose 'Clock of Kala' starts ticking right from the second of his Birth'.   Everyone wants Peace and Joy in his life, though the life is not a Bed of Roses but of Roses and Thorns.   There is nothing like un-bridled Joy.   He knows that he has to be ready all the time for shocks which could topple his peace and joy. He also knows that when he was born  he came with empty hands and when he quits this world he has to go empty handed.    He, therefore, needs and wants something to fall back as an Insulation to all that invisible shocks and surprises in store for him, so that atleast Peace and Equilibrium are ensured in his life.   Anushtanaveda could provide this Insulation, since it proceeds on the premise of ' Sarvay Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu' i.e., Selfless Service to all Living Beings/Humanitarianism.

Everyone's life comprises of Two Facets viz., Visible and Invisible.   Visible Facet  covers 'Jeevana/Living' and the Invisible Facet covers 'Janma/Birth'. Jeevana Sarthakathe is achieved through fulfilling all the Duties/Karthavyas without Blemish.   Its interpretation is that most of those duties arise because of one's own actions and he is therefore fully obliged to fulfil all his duties.

The Facet of Janma Sarthakathe needs evaluation on the basis of an Introspection of the major happenings/Anubhavagalu in his life.   This Introspection may give a clue as to what could have been or could now on be the Predominant Adharsha/Goal of his  instant Life/Janma.   Anushtanaveda steps in here as Implementation Plan for Janma Sarthakathe or Moksha.

A Life with an Adarsha/Goal for Life knows only to Give and Share what it can afford  to suffering humanity.     It could be material or moral support as the situation demands.   The Joy and the Result Motivates the Giver, which leads to an enhanced involvement in the days to follow.   Such an ongoing commitment to Anushtanaveda, however small each act of goodwill/kindness might be, Adds Great Value to Life by the time this Life's Journey ends peacefully.    This is the Enviability of Adarsha Thru Anushtanaveda.   Unknowingly, Adarsha-Anushtana Combine meets "PARAMARTHA/MOKSHA PREREQUISITE" , atleast to an extent, thus laying a 'Desirable Foundation for the Next Life'.  

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