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Just a few decades back the family culture was "Console People in Distress". It was routine to see a Poor Student coming to our homes on one day in a Week for Lunch and Dinner.   It was called 'VARANNA', i.e., WEEKLY ANNADANA. Many of those Students have reached Highest Positions in Public Offices.

Another Daily Practice of homes was to give a Bowl of Cooked Food in the night to a 'Bhikshukha' who used to regularly come shouting 'AMMA THAYI KAVALA'. An ANNADANA EVERYDAY, however little it was.

The most significant aspect of the aforesaid examples was that the very young children at home were also indirectly being imbibed with the 'Sharing Culture/Dana'.   Modern Life Style has taken the toll of all such enviable culture building practices of our Society.

The foregoing is only a  very small example of how family value systems have got diluted/deleted in the recent decades.   The Constitution of the Family itself has been meddled to the extent of dis-integrated decentralisation.

Commercialisation of dharmic and educational institutions/forums has also lead to the dilution of 'Manavadharma of Compassion & Sacrifice for others'.

Therefore, the 'Effort of Rebuilding of Sharing Culture' has now to be by Individual Conscience & Commitment.

Ultimately, everyone has to work  himself in the matter of Salvation/Moksha for his Atma, alongside fulfilling his routine responsibilities/duties towards his family.     The Endeavour of Moksha Sadhane is nothing but Anushtanaveda, which alongside enables the upliftment of the deprived ones of the society. Anushtanaveda is thus a TWO IN ONE FORMULA, easier for understanding and workable within individual's limits.  

Yes, Anushtanaveda does bear  immediate visible fruits in several cases.  But it should be noted that in many cases it acts like sowing  of a seed which becomes a tree with fruits over a period.    Be rest assured that any act of goodwill & compassion will bear fruits and feel the joy of it.

When such Individual Efforts of Caring & Sharing are pooled and shared, may become "MOUNTAIN OF MOTIVATION" for the society.   This is what Anushtanaveda now being initiated through this Website is capable of achieveing in due course.


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