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It is true that there are only four Vedas viz., RIG, YAJUR, SAMA, ATHARVA.

The question then is what is this "Anushtanaveda". One may be a Chathurvedi, with full mastery over all the four Vedas. He deserves to be called a 'Gnani', who enlightens others over the very valuable Life Shaping and Moulding Precepts therein.   This does not by itself mean that those who heard him get Blessed per se.   They absolutely need to Implement the Gnana so preached in their Real Life. Hence, Anushtana is of Great Significance, to derive the Contemplated Benefits from the Gnana acquired through shruthi/hearing. Read More
WHY  OF  ?
"NAHI GNANENA SADRUSHAM".   Meaning that 'there is nothing more sacred than the knowledge'.

It is also said that Knowledge not disseminated becomes stale for lack of value addition based on experiences of implementation. Above all, knowledge not implemented does not add any value to One's Life - both the Present and the Future.  This is the Vision behind this website. It is not that everyone is advantageously positioned to access and understand from the Source the Most Desirable Precepts prescribed by the Religion, Dharmic Scriptures, Preachings of Learned etc,  moreso for Peace and Joy in one's life. Read More
Meaning that 'there is nothing
more sacred than the knowledge
HOW  OF  ?
The website consciously contemplates sharing of Implementation/Anushtana Experiences covering acts of Goodness/Goodwill/Compassion etc. with other registered users of the site. 

This enables building over a period a large homogenous group of people committed to the Happiness of the not-so-blessed ones. Together as a force, in due course, the group may be able to move the mountain too for the good of the society.   Similarly, over a period, a Classified Compendium of Services actually extended to the society by the Group also be brought out as a 'Suggestive Guide Manual' for the posterity. Read More
Anushtana Experiences
About "Anushtanaveda"
Transform, preaching to practice.
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"Rivers do not drink their own water, nor do tree eat their own fruit, nor do rain clouds eat the grains reared by them. The wealth of the noble is used solely for the benefit of others! Even after accepting that giving is good and that one must learn to give, several questions need to be answered. Read More

The word ' Anushtanaveda ' is a combination of two words viz., Anushtana and Veda. The word Anushtana means 'Implement '. The word 'Veda ', inter alia, means and represents the Fountain of Life Moulding Scriptural Knowledge and Exhortations of Men of Great Learning.

In very simple terms in tune with common parlance Anushtanaveda means and signifies ' Walk the Talk Philosophy' of modern time.     In otherwords,  live a life in consonance with the Desirables given to us by great scriptures and preachings.

To illustrate, all religions, scriptures and teachings of great men stress that everyone should be kind towards the suffering humanity and the other living beings.     Why for that matter we are even advised to love the plants and trees in the nature, since they too sacrifice themselves for our good, without an iota of selfishness in them.   We see the reflection in modern times adoption of 'Environment Protection'.

In more simpler and direct words,  every member of this society should become a 'Practitioner of Kindness,Compassion etc.'      Yes, this does involve a bit of sacrifice on the part of individual, ofcourse within  the limit of his capabilities/resources and alongside discharging his duties towards those who are solely dependant on him.

All that is said above  in essence is nothing but practice of  'HUMANITARIANISM'.   To be specific,  it is nothing but Sharing the Sufferings of People in Distress, to the extent possible, as part of  our normal life.   If not done, whatever reasons one mayput fourth,it amounts to 'waste of all scriptural prescriptions and exhortations of great men of learning'.

This website is intended to encourage everyone, irrespective of his religion, language etc, in the name of 'Anushtanaveda' which means transform the ' Precepts into Practice' in your very precious life.    The methodology  is SHARE YOUR GRATIFYING ENDEAVOURS WITH OTHERS through this website, thereby motivate the  society on an ongoing basis.   
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